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1.  Fannie Mae – a private, shareholder-owned company that works to make sure mortgage money is available for people in communities all across America. They do not lend money directly to home buyers. Instead, they work with lenders to make sure they don’t run out of mortgage funds, so more people can achieve the dream of homeownership. This site offers consumers useful information on homeownership, including issues of availability and affordability for low, moderate and middle-income Americans. www.fanniemae.com

2.  Freddie Mac – a stockholder-owned corporation chartered by Congress in 1970 to create a continuous flow of funds to mortgage lenders in support of homeownership and rental housing. They purchase mortgages from lenders and package them into securities that are sold to investors. This site offers a great deal of information about Freddie Mac and its efforts to provide homeowners and renters with lower housing costs and better access to home financing. www.freddiemac.com

3.  myFICO – offers informative, actionable credit-information services that help people improve and protect their overall financial health. They are allied with Equifax, TransUnion, and Intersections to create a new generation of credit information services that empower consumers to understand, improve and protect their true credit standing. You can get your credit report and credit score at myFICO. Fair Isaac, the developer of the FICO score, brings you myFICO, the number one resource for finding out your FICO score and learning how to improve it. www.myfico.com

4.  Federal Reserve – the website of the central bank of the United States. Includes consumer information on home mortgages as well as general information and press releases regarding the activity of the Federal Reserve and its Board of Governors (including Chairman Alan Greenspan). www.federalreserve.gov

4.  Free Credit Report – a resource for ordering and verifying your personal credit history. The site has grown to become a preeminent provider of instant credit reports, online credit monitoring, and authoritative credit content. This site offers an instant 3 Bureau Online Credit Report, which gives consumers access to their complete credit history in seconds. www.freecreditreport.com

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